We have butterflies 

The children are very excited as we now have butterflies. The cocoons are empty as the butterflies have pushed their way out. They are a beautiful black and orange colour. We will be letting them go today in the nursery garden so they can enjoy our lovely flowers. 


Our pebble garden 

This week we have had something really exciting lessons. We have been using junk to create musical instruments, we have been exploring in the water thinking about floating and sinking and we are creating our own pebble garden. 

All of the children have a pebble each and they can paint their own design we are then using them to make our garden look colourful and bright. 

All the pebbles so far look fantastic! 

Can you spot yours? What colours did you use? Did you mix any colours to make a new colour? What did you paint? 


Independent learning 

We can not believe we are in the last half term in nursery. The children have worked so hard all year. We have been working on being more and more independent ready for Recpetion, and over the past week we have had some fantastic focused and independent learning. 

Well done nursery you really are getting ready for Recpetion now! 

Super writing!  
Shape pictures! 

Imaginative play with the construction and dinosaurs. 


Our own Radish & magic beads 

We are very lucky that our radish is ready to pick, we have started to pick it out of the ground ready to see what it looks, smells and tastes like. Our lettuce is still growing and we should be able to taste this soon too. Well done on looking after your vegetables and remembering to water them nursery! 

This week in Nursery we also have some exciting ‘magic beads’ we have put them into water and they are getting bigger and bigger. They are all different colours and they bounce like bouncy balls. Come and have a look tomorrow and tell us what you think!